Reading Books Is Such Fun!

20160919 153909

Nursery A had fun with Miss Philippa looking at books in the Reading Corner. We learnt a lot of  different names of sea animals, practised counting, naming the colours and using positional language just by reading one book! So much to learn and so many opportunities!!

Tomato Picking!! Our Vegetable Patch!!

2016-09-12 12.08.42

You might remember before the summer holidays the children had fun planting lots of different seeds. Well after a lot of care and watering from Mr Manuel our school gardener, we have some lovely vegetables.


20160907 114312

The first few days in Infants have been very eventful! We have had laughter, tears and smiles. But overall we have had fun.

Graduación De Year One

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El pasado jueves día 9 de junio, los alumnos de Year One se graduaron.

Somos Grandes Artistas

IMG 20160609 152309

Durante este último trimestre, los alumnos de Nursery hemos estado aprendiendo sobre cuadros famosos y sus pintores. Después de ver muchos cuadros, y aprender sobre ellos, nos hemos puesto manos a la obra... ¡y mirad lo que hemos hecho! Son espectaculares, ¿verdad?

Take A Look At Receptions Ice Cream Shop!


We sell ice creams and more! for the hot summer days! 

Under The Sea Role Play Area

20160603 144721

In Nursery A we have been working really hard to make a submarine!!!! Look at what fun we had painting it and finally it is ready for us to play. Please if you have time come in and see it.

Dinosaur Eggs!!!


Well you will never guess what happened. I am sure the children have told you by now but we arrived to the classroom last week only to find a dinosaur nest and eggs. After a lot of thinking we have decided to keep them to see if they hatch but we do wander whether the dinosaur will come back to get them.....

Dinosaur Hunt

20160602 102252

Yesterday the children from Year 1 heard from Mr Manuel and Mr Fernando that there had been sightings of a Diploducus near the swimming pool.

Fun In The Farm!


Spring is here, and so are the animals. Lots of babies and plants are born in this season, so we went to the farm to get to know them a little bit better and see them more closely. We had lots of fun making biscuits, seeing how plants grow and even planting them ourselves.