Celebrando El Otoño En Pre-Nursery


Here in pre-nursery we are celebrating automn, colors red, orange, green and yellow are falling on the graunnd. The children took some leaves from the garden and painted the colors of the season. The really enjoyed it!

We Have Been Learning About Mixing Colours


In Reception class we have been learning about mixing colours. Children couldn't believe their eyes when they saw two colours come into contact and change  into a beautiful  secondary colour. We had so much!

The Autumn Activites Have Begun!


The children in Nursery made leaves using tissue paper and some using card for our Autumn tree.

Learning About Autum

20151001 114711

As we informed you a couple of days ago, Autumn has arrived and we have been decorating the corridors and the classroom of Nursery.

Children have learnt songs about leaves and we have also done our own leaves, they look amazing, don´t they?

Museo del Ferrocarril

20150925 105651

As our topic for this term is Travel/Transport we thought it would be a nice idea for the children to go to the train museum.

The Letter Formation


Here the children are practising the letter formation.

What beautiful writing!

Totally Adapted

cantando y bailando

This week in our Spanish lessons we have put our hands to work, by practising tracing and numbers, but always having fun; dancing and playing.

Autumn Has Arrived!!


Autumn has finally arrived and has brought the children a lot of fun.

Summer Holidays


The children in groups to decide and paint something they did or where they went during their summer holidays. This is the result. Don't you think they did a great job!

Afternoon Tea

20150922 161515

Every afternoon the children have merienda, sometimes we may sing some songs or look at a book while they are having their tea.