Corona de Adviento en Infantil


En Infantil, estamos haciendo la costumbre cristiana de la corona de Adviento para prepararnos para la Navidad , los alumnos de Reception y Year 1 encendieron la primera vela, Después de rezar unos minutos,le hemos pedido al niño Jesús que está semana nos ayude a Querer y cuidar mas a nuestra familia.

Adviento Un Gran Regalo


Es un regalo de esperanza que vamos a ir desenvolviendo en familia y con la ayuda de la familia de Jesús.

Bonfire Night

IMG 20161115 153527

This week children from Reception A have been learning about Bonfire Night. In order to celebrate, we have created our own firework pictures.

The Monster's Factory

IMG 20161117 102928
We have been told that in the monster's factory so many monsters have been made that they run out of eyes! We're very surprised but the children in Nursery A and B are willing to help those monsters who are blind.

The Children Learnt About Fireworks

20161102 101801

In Nursery A and B the children learnt about fireworks. We looked at different firework displays and talked about the colours and sounds they make.


20161114 094235

The children in Reception are focusing on the topic of 'Toys' so to start off the topic the children told me in English what their favourite toy was. Then they went on to paint a picture of it.

New Vocabulary And Practised Rhyming And Singing


Last week, both nurseries gathered together to recite a beautiful Autumn poem and two songs in English, after lots of practice, the parents came into the classroom and had the chance to watch a lovely performance.


20161028 134028

On Friday 28th we celebrated Hallowen at school.

Salida Year One



El pasado jueves 13 de octubre los alumnos visitaron la "Casita Museo del Ratón Pérez". 

Observational Drawings:

20161004 152953

This month Year 1 has been learning about different modes of transport and what a better way to learn than going outside and observing the school buses.