Reading Workshop - Year 1


Our Literacy Co-ordinator, Miss Philippa Baron, held a Reading workshop yesterday afternoon for parents of our pupils in Year 1.

Winter's here!

IMG 0157

Everyone's learning about winter at the moment! We're busy thinking about the different clothes we need to wear when it's cold, the sports we can do in winter, and which animals live in the snow and ice.... We've all made something for this perfect wall display to reflect our ideas.

Christmas Carols

IMG 0150
Is there a better way to celebrate the joy of Christmas than with music? We know that music benefits child develpment in so many different ways, so we took the opportunity on the last day of term to get all the children from Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Reception and Year 1 together to sing some Christmas Carols.

San Silvestre Infantil

IMG 0127

The last day of school has started off in a very exciting and healthy way! All the children from Nursery, Reception and Year 1 took part in a race around the athletics track to mark 'San Silvestre'. 


IMG 0024
Here are some of the figures that the children from EYFS and Year 1 made for our Nativity table. As you can see, every single one is made with lots of imagination. Well done all of you who took part!

Visit From Royal King

IMG 0093

Today has been an exciting day at school, because we were lucky enough to receive a visit from a Royal King! No one knew that he was coming, so imagine our surprise when we saw him sitting in the entrance hall!

Nuestra Patrona María Inmaculada

IMG 0009

El día 8 de Diciembre es la Inmaculada Concepción, nuestra Patrona. Para nosotros es nuestro modelo de fe, de esperanza y de amor.

Getting Ready For Christmas

IMG 0009

We're very busy with Christmas preparations in the Infant department and in Year 1 at the moment! We've all worked together to make a festive  wall display in which our Christmas trees, baubles, sweetie houses and Father Christmas stand out because they've been made with such a variety of textures and materials.

In Year 1 We Are Focusing On The Topic Of Space

IMG 1587

In Year 1 we are focusing on the topic of Space, which the children are really enjoying. The children visited the Planetarium and really loved the experience in the dome. They watched a film which focused on planets, satellites and rockets. It was really informative and fun at the same time which meant that the children learnt a lot.

Supermarket Visit – by Nursery

100 3406

We enjoyed our visit to the supermarket. When we arrived we looked at the Christmas trees and Christmas decorations. Miss Jo gave us a list of things we had to find such as a toothbrush.