Summer Camp Trip

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This week the boys and girls went on a trip to a park in Collado Villalba.


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On Wednesday 17th June we celebrated the Graduation of our Year 1 pupils to primary.

Dinosaur Habitat Display


The Year 1 children are finishing off their topic on dinosaurs, and had a little competition to see which group could make the most authentic 'Dinosaur Habitat Display'.

La Virgen de Fátima

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The whole school came together to celebrate the arrival of La Virgen de Fátima today.

San Isidro


All the children from the Infant department got together today with some of the Primary pupils to celebrate San Isidro. 1º, 2º and 3º Primary showed us how to dance the 'chotis', the traditional dance from Madrid, and many infant boys and girls enjoyed trying to copy them! The playground looked very colourful as lots of children had dressed up in traditional dress as 'chulapos' and 'chulapas'.

Farm School

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The children of Pre-Nursery and Nursery spent a day at the farm school in Brunete last week which was the perfect way to finish off our topic on farm animals.

International Book Day


We took the opportunity to encourage a love of books today and celebrated International Book Day in lots of different ways.

Garden Nursery

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The boys and girls from Nursery have had a very productive time this week gardening in our new vegetable patch.

Hoyo de Manzanares

Colegio Parque. Excursión 5

On Monday the two Year 1 classes had a lovely excursion visiting the natural woodlands of Hoyo de Manzanares. 

Visit from ANAA


ANAA is an organisation that works for the protection and welfare of animals.