'Eating More Healthily'


In Design and Technology we have been looking at the topic of 'Eating more healthily'.

Year 1 Trip To The Theatre

20150302 100436

The children of Year 1 went to the theatre to watch Hansel and Gretel in English. 

Hickory Dickory Dock´s clock

IMG 0378 

The children from Pre- Nursery learned lots of things making the Hickory Dickory Dock´s clock.

Robin Hood

IMG 0306

Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Reception children went to see the show ´Robin Hood´ at the theatre.

Year 1 Trip To a Church


In Religion we have been looking at 'a sense of belonging; what it means to belong to a faith and the importance of churches to Christians'.

Here You Go

20150123 102028

In Year 1 in Science, we are looking at the topic of plants.

World Peace Day - 30th January 2015


First thing this morning, all of infants and 1st and 2nd Year Primary got together to celebrate World Peace Day. We talked about how it important it is to accept each other as we are, and how we need to try and be friends with everybody, getting along without fighting.

Reading Workshop - Year 1


Our Literacy Co-ordinator, Miss Philippa Baron, held a Reading workshop yesterday afternoon for parents of our pupils in Year 1.

Winter's here!

IMG 0157

Everyone's learning about winter at the moment! We're busy thinking about the different clothes we need to wear when it's cold, the sports we can do in winter, and which animals live in the snow and ice.... We've all made something for this perfect wall display to reflect our ideas.

Christmas Carols

IMG 0150
Is there a better way to celebrate the joy of Christmas than with music? We know that music benefits child develpment in so many different ways, so we took the opportunity on the last day of term to get all the children from Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Reception and Year 1 together to sing some Christmas Carols.