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In Year 1 We Are Focusing On The Topic Of Space

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In Year 1 we are focusing on the topic of Space, which the children are really enjoying. The children visited the Planetarium and really loved the experience in the dome. They watched a film which focused on planets, satellites and rockets. It was really informative and fun at the same time which meant that the children learnt a lot.

Supermarket Visit – by Nursery

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We enjoyed our visit to the supermarket. When we arrived we looked at the Christmas trees and Christmas decorations. Miss Jo gave us a list of things we had to find such as a toothbrush.

Fun Playground


Aren’t we lucky at Colegio Parque British School?


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We celebrated Halloween on Thursday 30th October in Colegio Parque British School - what a lovely way to end the month! The children and teachers took the opportunity to dress up and we had lots of skeletons, witches, vampires and pumpkins running around the playground.

Reception´s Visit To The Farm

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On Wednesday the boys and girls went to the farm.

Railway Trip

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On Friday 3rd October, both Year 1 classes took the bus to the Railway Museum in Las Matas, where the children learned about the history of trains.

Year 1 Phonics And Spelling Workshop

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A big thank-you to Miss Philippa and Miss Paquita for holding our Phonics and Spelling workshop yesterday, Monday 29th September.

Back To School

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It’s great to be back to school for the children at Colegio Parque British School! After a long summer holiday it’s so exciting to play with our friends and see our teachers again. We’d like to give a special welcome to all the new boys and girls who have joined us this year, and to our new teacher, Miss Anouschka and our new teaching assistant, Miss Beth.

Shared Reading Sessions Of Reception Class And 4º Of Primaria. The Children Really Enjoyed This Experience


Shared reading sessions of reception class and 4º of primaria. The children really enjoyed this experience. Firstly introducing the stories and later reading aloud to their partners.

Reading Workshop


An excellent and informative reading workshop given to parents of Reception classes on Friday 16th May by Miss Phil.