20151110 152242

The children are really enjoying their new 'shop'. As you can see the children get their shopping baskets and choose what they want to buy. Then they take it to the attendent or cashier, who scans the food and pay her the correct amount.

Rememberance Day


As you can see in Year 1, the children have been learning about Rememberance Day, a day which is celebrated in England every year on 5th November.



The topic we have been studying this term in Nursery is 'Ourselves'. Last Friday the children put on a concert for the parents, singing two songs; 'Finger Family' and 'Knock, Knock'.

Space And The Solar System

20151119 113442

The topic we are  now focusing on is Space and the Solar System. 


20151120 092347

Despite the weather, we are beginning to look at the season of Winter; the children in Nursery A have been cutting out snowflakes independently and making their own using paper. They had a lot of fun making shapes in the paper and really tried hard because it required a lot of control. Through doing this activity they developed their fine motor skills. Well done!

Fireworks Night

20151110 152406

The children learnt about Fireworks Night. Why we celebrate it and why it is an important event in England. Then they did chalk pictures of fireworks and made their own firework; using toilet rolls and card. They had a lot of fun!!!

Capital Letter


In Reception this week the children are learning to recognise their name and the corresponding capital letter. One of  the children bought these lovely letters  for the children to paint. So they found the correct letter for their name and decorated them. Aren't they nice?

Relaxing Time In Nursery B

20151105 161359

In Nursery B we have done some relaxing time. With Disney music as the background, we have worked with our friends to develop our relationships and our self-esteem. This activity enables children to learn how to relax and it especially helps children who are shy as they have to cuddle their friend. They loved the activity and they have been asking if we could do it again.  

English Classes

20151028 145327

This week in English classes the children did a number of activities for Halloween. They enjoyed colouring and collaging pumpkins and then drawing the face on afterwards with Miss Bea. They also learnt the language related to Halloween for example; witch, ghost, cauldron, broomstick etc through playing bingo. We all had a lot of fun!! The best part for the children was the excitement of being able to bring in something to wear, even the teachers joined in!!

​I​ngredients The Witches Used To Make This Soup!


The children have had a lot of fun finding all the different ingredients the witches used to make this soup! Then they had to put them on the correct template. Happy Halloween everybody!