Shared Reading Sessions Of Reception Class And 4º Of Primaria. The Children Really Enjoyed This Experience


Shared reading sessions of reception class and 4º of primaria. The children really enjoyed this experience. Firstly introducing the stories and later reading aloud to their partners.

Reading Workshop


An excellent and informative reading workshop given to parents of Reception classes on Friday 16th May by Miss Phil.

Our Visit To The Garden Center


In relation with our spring topic, Reception went on a trip to Verdecora. The children had the opportunity to see some beautiful flowers and to plant a lettuce each.

One Snowy Night


We read the story "one snowy night" is about friendship and sharing.

Gingerbread Man


We read the story of "the Gingerbread man" which the children really enjoyed.

Nursery And Pre-Nursery Went To See Goldilocks And The 3 Bears


All the children had a lovely time. they really enjoyed the show and joined in by copying the actions and singing along with the songs.

Reception A Did Some Fantastic Work On Pirates


The children drew some really nice pictures with chalks; and using their phonic knowledge labelled a picture of a pirate.

"Space Ted"

20140305 111949

We have started an activity related with "Space Ted" the  "class pet", by means of which children have to write a short story about their weekend with him.

Neil Amstrong And His Mission To The Moon

20140305 111907
In year one we have been learning about Neil amstrong and his mission to the moon. 

Parent's Workshop

An Excellent phonics workshop for parents held by class teacher Phil Baron our literacy coordinatorand translated for parents by classroom assistant Harriet Williams.