Halloween in Reception and Year 1

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Well what can I say, Halloween was a day to remember for both the children and the teachers. What fun we had!
What a nice surprise it was for the teachers to see the children in the morning wearing their Halloween decorations. Thankyou to all those mummies and daddies for helping your children take part.
The fun started in Reception. The children wanted to make potions and food so we gave them plates, eyeballs and other materials to see what they came up with. We listened to Halloween songs and danced.
Well in Year 1 you wouldn't believe what disgusting things Miss Philippa thought of and thanks to Marivi our lovely kitchen lady we managed to do them. 
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Firstly the children all took part in a game called 'Apple Bobbing'. This consisted of a tub of water with apples. The children then took it in turns to try and pick up the apple using only their mouth. We made it even harder by telling them they had to put their hands behind their back. What a great effort they all made and there were 1 or 2 children who actually managed to do it!! 
Afterwards Marivi had saved us some food from lunch and we put insects in. The children had to put their hands in and just 'enjoy' and guess the insect.
Well some loved it and some hated it but they all took part.
At the end of the day the children had their faces painted which they all loved - after all who doesn't love having their face painted.
Keep checking the website to see what other things fun things we get up to in Infants.
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