Yoga In Reception


As a close to our PE lessons, Reception has been introduced to some yoga poses. Teaching yoga has a very positive impact on children, as it helps them to:

- Develop body awareness. 

- Promotes physical strength.

- Refines body balance and coordination.

- Developes focus and concentration.

- Strengthens the mind-body connection.

- Boots self-esteem and confidence. 

Using the book "Little Yoga", the children tried to copy some poses which are presented with animals names, such as: a bird, a butterfly, a frog, a dog, a cat, a sleeping mouse or a lion. At the beginning of the activity, they found it quite funny and they could not stop laughing but a few seconds later they tried really hard to breathe in and out properly and to concentrate on the poses. 

To the question "did you enjoy doing yoga?" they replied: "can we do it again please?." Resounding success!

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