First Week Back!!!

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We have had a fantastic start to the year! All of the children were really happy to see their friends and meet their teachers.
My oh my how much they have grown and matured over the summer. We teachers were delighted to see them and give then lots of hugs and kisses, listening to all their news.
In Pre Nursery the children have been singing and learning new songs with Miss Mara and Miss Paquita. Take a look and see how many toys they have to play with. They are having a lot of fun and have all settled in well.
In Nursery the children have been having fun exploring their classrooms, playing games and having races in the patio while settling into their new environment. Some are finding it a bit tricky because they miss their mummies but luckily they have Miss Marita and Miss Ana to help them settle in to their routines and find their way around the class.
In Reception the children have been drawing pictures of themselves and what they did in the summer. They feel very important now that they have moved up to Reception and are having a lot of fun with Miss Lucia and Miss Beatriz.
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In Spanish in Year 1 the children have been working hard with Miss Paloma, writing their numbers 1 to 10 and learning the vowels in Lectoescritura. 
In English Miss Bea has been making an aeroplane and a bus with the children in preparation for next week when they begin the topic of Travel and Transport with Miss Philippa. 
With Miss Philippa the children have been writing and drawing what they did in their Summer Holidays and what a great effort they made! Miss Philippa was impressed as to how much they remembered.
The children were all delighted to see Marivi and have all made a great effort in eating all the delicious food she provides. They are looking forward to their lunches next week.
Luckily the children who have to come in so early to school and stay so late have Miss Charo to keep them entertained in Permanencia!
Keep in touch to see what we get up to during this school year!
Dont forget if you have any questions or doubts you can ask any of us. We are more than happy to help.
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