Look what artists we have in Year One!

29 Septiembre 2017

These weeks we are learning about transports, and so, in our art classes we have been doing different activities related to that topic. We started by making collages of different transports in groups. The funniest thing was that we had to work cooperatively to do it. We all talked and decided how we wanted our transports to look like and we put our hands to work. The results look amazing, so creative! You can see them displayed in the corridor. After that, we analyzed the parts of different means of transport, and we had fun trying to draw them by using only shapes!! How crazy those transport look!! The last thing we have done so far is an observational drawing of the transports we have at school. We chose one and a place to sit down and we had to draw everything we saw from that angle. Miss Bea was not expecting such good results, so... How happy she got when she saw what we were able to do! Just so you can see, we leave you a couple of pictures here.

Coming up next, children will be designing and making their own vehicles. We will let you know how that goes and where our exhibition takes place.