Cold weather and cold places

8 Febrero 2019

These past weeks, Reception class has been learning a new topic: "Cold weather and cold places". First we learnt some new vocabulary related to the topic and managed to see in a world map where we can find each and everyone of these animals and things.


After that we travelled to the North Pole and made some beautiful northern lights over a polar bear family among other activities. 


We also talked about what clothes we would need to wear under such a cold weather and what other things we could do to warm up (light a fire, drink hot chocolate, go inside a house...) we also helped our friend "Jack" (see the photo below) dress up to go to the north pole.


This week we travelled to the South Pole by reading the book "Lost and Found" in which a boy finds a lost penguin and decides to take him back home.


Here we found some penguins stuck in ice and had to use our imagination to safe the penguins. First we thought about breaking the ice but realised that we could hurt the penguin inside, so we decided to heat it up to melt the ice. We gave each class team different materials to try and melt the ice and left the last penguin next to the window under the sunlight. Look how happy they were when they managed to safe the penguin!


Later on, we talked about the penguins habitats and made houses, food and even beds out of plasticine for the little toy penguins.


To round up this topic we will do a small writings to review all the animals we have talked about.