Celebrating Shrove Tuesday / Pancake Day!

In England it is tradition that on February 13th we celebrate Pancake Day. Although we use it as a good excuse to cook, eat and have fun with the children there is actually a reason why this day is celebrated.
13 Febrero 2018
General Infantil

Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday is the traditonal feast before the start of Lent which as we all know is on Ash Wednesday. The 40 days leading up to Easter was normally a time of fasting.
Shrove Tuesday otherwise known as Pancake Day was the last opportunity to use up the rich ingredients; eggs and fats before starting the Lenten fast and pancakes were the perfect way to use these ingredients
A pancake incase you do not know is a thin, flat cake made of batter. The traditional English Pancake is very thin and is served immediately. Golden syrup or lemon juice and caster sugar are the usual toppings.
The ingredients for pancakes are also used to symbolise four significant points at this time of the year.
Eggs - Creation
Flour - the start of life
Salt - wholesomeness
Milk - Purity
In England, pancake races are very important!! - it is a great opportunity for large crowds of people to dress up and rhn up and down streets tossing the pancakes. Normally you have to toss it at least three times. The object of the race is to be the first to the finish line, carrying a frying pan with a cooked pancake in it and flipping the pancake as you run!
I hope you have taken the time to read Miss Philippa's History lesson so you can reinforce what the children have leant at home!
Well, unfortunately we did not have the time to do the race but maybe this is something you can try at home. I am sure the children would love it they had fun practising with Miss Bea in class. They are probably better than you now!!